Photographer /

Iurdana de Prada

My name is Iurdana, and I am a photographer

I currently work for Pentland Brands, and my day to day is working alongside amazing creatives and brands, that give me the opportunity to do a huge range of photography for and with them. I have met elite sports women and men, from olympians to national teams, it is being an amazing journey.

On my spare time I love to keep learning, and working on personal projects involving story telling and portraiture.

what I love to do

I love travelling, from exploring England, where I live, and going abroad. My camera always travels with me as I need to capture it all. I love Yoga and learning more about this life changing practise. Films and going to the West End, these inspire me all the time. I love the sea, sailing and connect to the nature, it heals me.

Equipment I use

I have a DSLR Canon and a Fujifilm X series. My love for anagogic keeps me using for special projects my Bronica, Mamiya and Pentax cameras.